Explosions at Kabul airport: Death toll rises to 170

Explosions at Kabul airport: Death toll rises to 170

Evacuation flights resumed on Friday at the airport Kabul is less than a day after 13 US troops and dozens of Afghans were killed in suicide attacks claimed by ISIS.

Military officials also issued warnings that more attacks could occur at the airport, and that their risk is rising amid a push to get hundreds of Americans and as many vulnerable Afghans out of the country.

An Afghan health ministry spokesman told CBS News on Friday morning that the death toll from The double bombardment has already reached 170 people, with the vast majority of the victims being Afghans. Of the 13 US servicemen who died, 10 were Marines.

The day of the attacks was the deadliest for US troops in Afghanistan in a decade. At least 18 more US service members were wounded in the attack.

President Biden, addressing the nation on Thursday, vowed that America would not forgive or forget those responsible for the attack. US forces are already working to track down the ISIS conspirators behind the bombings, according to the military.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack by posting a photo of the alleged suicide bomber online.