The American came out of a two-year coma and identified her killer

The American came out of a two-year coma and identified her killer

Wanda, 51, from West Virginia Palmer has woken up after two years in a coma and testified against the gunman who almost killed her in June 2020. It was her own brother. The victim accused 55-year-old Daniel Palmer of assaulting her at her home near Cottageville, West Virginia. A statement released by the Jackson County Sheriff's Department said the man left his relative for dead.

Police officers found Wanda upright on a couch with serious ax marks. According to Sheriff Ross Mellinger, at first the law enforcement officers thought she was dead, but then they found a pulse and shallow breathing. One witness saw Daniel Palmer around midnight on the porch of his sister's house the night before the woman was found with serious injuries. There were no other witnesses, phone records, or CCTV footage in the Palmer case.

The police tracked down several suspects, but were never able to produce anything. A few weeks ago, Mellinger's office received a call from Wanda's care facility saying she had regained consciousness and was ready to speak to authorities. Palmer could only answer questions "yes" or "no", but gave the police enough evidence to arrest her brother. On July 15, Daniel was arrested and charged with attempted murder. He has a bail of $500,000.

Wanda Palmer currently thinks clearly and speaks coherently, but is not yet capable of full-fledged conversations.