In Illinois, a man killed his pregnant wife and shot himself

In Illinois, a man killed his pregnant wife and shot himself

In Woodridge, Illinois, a 32-year-old Sedric Pryor shot his pregnant 24-year-old wife, April Pryor, then shot himself.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, referring to p. D. Woodridge, April was the seventh month of pregnancy. Unfortunately, to save the child failed. According to police, the tragedy occurred on the night of Monday to Tuesday, 23 may. A few days ago, the couple had a big fight, and she temporarily moved into the apartment complex in the block of 7700 Fox Drive, near Illinois Route 53.

Sedric came to his wife late in the evening Monday, 22 may, entered the room, and between the spouses could re-ignite the conflict. During the argument, Sedrick pulled out a gun and shot in April and another woman who was in the house.

It was later discovered alive but unconscious, the victim is now in critical condition in the hospital. Injured same with April and her husband were fatal.

According to the chief of police in Woodridge Brian Cunningham, interview witnesses and pre-trial investigation in order to accurately restore the whole picture of what happened.

The police ask all who know anything about this incident to report but number: 630-719-4740.