Man at the shelter almost killed… loud music.

Man at the shelter almost killed… loud music.

The life of a 52-year-old man from the Bronx hangs in the balance after he was nearly killed in a shelter during a quarrel that arose due to… loud music, according to police sources NYDailyNews

Robert brown is unconscious — it is connected to the ventilator. The shelter where the incident occurred, is located on Park Ave. near Clay Ave.

Man at the shelter almost killed… loud music.

Attacked him, 36-year-old Johanna Rodriguez, is in prison at Rikers Island. Police have charged him with assault and strangulation. If the injured man would not survive, Rodriguez faces charges of murder.

Witnesses told police July 23, both men were in the shelter, when brown entered the room Rodriguez and asked him to turn the music down.

«Who are you to tell me what I can do?» — shouted Rodriguez and rushed to brown.
A police source reports that Rodriguez choked the man until he stopped moving.
The guards of the shelter separated them and called 911. When medics arrived at the scene, brown was barely a pulse. He was taken to Lincoln Medical Center

Police accused Rodriguez, strangulation and assault. The court ordered him to Deposit $ 50,000.

And now, a week later, brown’s condition is not improving, according to doctors.

Police are searching for the family of brown to continue the further treatment of misleading the police sources.