Patrol Sheriff’s car was hit by a 5-year-old girl

Patrol Sheriff’s car was hit by a 5-year-old girl

On Friday, August 4, patrol car Sheriff of the County of Santa Barbara has hit a five-year girl who was in his way. It happened around 17:00 in the city of Carpinteria, California.

On the official website of the office of the Sheriff County of Santa Barbara in Facebook stated that when the patrol car was traveling East on Birch Street, a five year old child suddenly ran out into the roadway.

The vehicle speed never exceeded ten miles an hour, but the collision would not have been able to avoid. The patrol car immediately stopped and released from there as law enforcement officers moved the injured girl on the sidewalk. She was given first aid.

After this child, accompanied by one of her parents was sent to a local hospital where doctors stated that his injuries are not life threatening to the victim.

Employees of Traffic police of California took up the investigation of this case.