The couple got into a deadly accident 24 hours after the wedding

The couple got into a deadly accident 24 hours after the wedding

The next day, after Austin Wesson and Rebecca Baum became husband and wife, the couple were in a car accident. They planned to celebrate the marriage in September, and Rebecca even bought a wedding dress, but the triumph was not destined to happen.

The evening of 5 August, around 18:30, the couple was driving in his Ford pickup in the intersection between West 103rd Street and West 70th Street, near the city of Clearwater, Kansas. Was driving 19-year-old Austin.

Suddenly Wesson lost control and the car swerved off the dirt road and crashed into a tree. The reason due to which the accident occurred, is still unclear.

Austin died from his injuries immediately, and Rebecca was taken to the hospital where the doctors for two days trying to save her. However, on Monday, August 7, the girl died.

The couple met in February of 2017, when Rebecca arrived in South Africa as a member of the Christian mission World Race. Austin, who grew up in Cape town and worked as a surfing instructor too was a religious man and then traveled home with a similar mission.

Three months later in South Africa after social networking, the couple decided to marry. To ease the process of changing immigration status for Wesson, who came to the U.S. on a student visa in June, the lovers had planned to sign in August and have a wedding later.

In the near future, Rebecca and Austin wanted to move to the city of Grand rapids, Michigan to attend College and then continue to travel around the world with missions.

Long before the accident, Rebecca told her parents that after her death she wants to become an organ donor. If I can fulfill her request is still unknown.

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Posted by Rachel Bouma Byker on Sunday, August 6, 2017