In Queens committed suicide policeman

In Queens committed suicide policeman

37-year-old officer of the police Department of new York killed himself at his home in Queens yesterday afternoon, August 13.

As told in police, the victim that day was not on duty, he was off-duty.

In Queens committed suicide policeman

The incident occurred in the house on 113th Ave in St. Albans. The name of the deceased has not been disclosed as the probable cause of the suicide. It is also unknown whether there were at this time in the house someone else.

According to the New York Daily News, according to statistics, from the beginning of the year is the fourth suicide among employees of the NYPD.

Last year four officers and one school security officer committed suicide.

Last Tuesday, Australian police and one of the most powerful people in the world Grant Edwards dragged two trucks NYPD in new York to draw attention to the mental health problems of police officers.

Edwards said that for a long time suffered from PTSD due to service in Afghanistan, and also those of the victims he couldn’t save. He was thinking about suicide.

«I often say that you can be strong, you can look strong, but it can happen to anyone,» he said.