New Jersey – mass carbon monoxide poisoning

New Jersey – mass carbon monoxide poisoning

Dozens of people, among them four police officers – were injured from carbon monoxide in the city of Flanders, NJ.

The incident occurred yesterday, August 14, evening. Firefighters and the police received a message stating in the house on Fennimore Court, several people lost consciousness.

New Jersey – mass carbon monoxide poisoning

The first rescuers who responded to the call, pulled out eight people unconscious, later it became known that the victims more.

Poisoning with carbon monoxide has also received four police officers involved in the rescue.

Two people in serious condition was taken to hospital in new York because of the need of specialized equipment for treatment.

As told by ABC7 chief of the city fire Department Tyler Vargo, the house recorded 1,600 units of carbon monoxide in the air (at that time, as the normal level is zero, and the maximum allowable concentration is 30 units).

Carbon monoxide is very dangerous as it has no smell and causes poisoning and even death. Signs of poisoning are headache and dizziness, tinnitus, shortness of breath, heart palpitation, flickering before the eyes, redness of the face, weakness, nausea, sometimes vomiting; in severe cases, convulsions, loss of consciousness, coma.

Investigators are trying to determine the source of carbon monoxide.