A police Sergeant shot 18-year-old boy.

A police Sergeant shot 18-year-old boy.

The Sergeant of the police Department of Chicago suspended indefinitely after being shot 18-year-old boy suffering from autism and schizophrenia.

As reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, the incident occurred early Sunday morning in Morgan Park.

A police Sergeant shot 18-year-old boy.

About five o’clock in the morning Sergeant, working in the 5th District, was returning home by car after the end of the shift.

According to superintendent Eddie Johnson, a police officer noticed that a young man at the intersection of Wood Street and Hermosa Avenue «behaving suspiciously».

Earlier, the police received a message from a local resident who said that lost her 18-year-old adopted son, who was diagnosed with autism and schizophrenia.

«The Sergeant tried to question the guy, but he didn’t respond,» said superintendent Johnson. Further, he said «the situation somehow deteriorated», which forced police to shoot the guy’s hand. He was taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn and later was allowed to go home. The wound was not serious.

Initially the police said was «armed confrontation,» but Johnson noted that the investigation of the weapon at the guy have not found.

«We have a lot of questions unanswered,» added the superintendent.