Online fraud: $2,500 for a Babysitting job

Online fraud: $2,500 for a Babysitting job

The police reported that online scammers have duped the woman who searched the Internet for a Babysitting job. As a result of fraud, the victim lost $2,500.

In mid-April, a victim of fraud (51) I came online at the announcement, which said about that. Job requires the nanny. The woman contacted the author of the announcement, which made her candidacy. The scammer sent the victim a check for $2,995, which she had put to your Bank account.

After some time, the scammer asked the woman to remove $2,500 dollars to cover the broker fee for the apartment and to use another $ 150 to send the money through Western Union. Garabedian promised that the remaining amount will be the first salary of the victim.

The woman, never met a scammer in person, followed all instructions. But on 17 may the Bank said that the cheque was counterfeitand the funds were debited from her account.

The police have not yet caught the perpetrator.