The driver of the car had to jump over the bridges

The driver of the car had to jump over the bridges

It turns out that this happens not only in movies but in life. To save himself and his family, Terrance Nafis, who was sitting behind the wheel of the Toyota RAV4 crossover, had to jump over the span of divorcing the bridge into new Jersey.

In early August, the 51-year-old Nafis along with his wife Jackie, daughter and her boyfriend crossed the Middle Thorofare Bridge to get to the city of Cape may. Terence has carried out the necessary fare ($1.50), and had begun to move, when suddenly the bridge began to separate.

The driver of the car had to jump over the bridges

The driver noticed something was wrong only when the lattice-type platform, which was driving his car, climbed 1.8 m from the starting position. Overcome fear to fall nearly twenty-meter height in the Atlantic ocean, Navis has realized that he has only one option – to make a desperate jump.

He picked up speed. For a few seconds the car was in the air, without support. And then the machine pretty successfully landed on the opposite side of the bridge.

Fortunately, neither the driver, nor passengers have not suffered. A little less lucky car, which damaged some suspension parts. Repairs cost about $10,000.

As it turned out, the incident was the fault of the operator of the bridge – Charles Mackillop. He saw that by the Middle Thorofare Bridge swims a private fishing vessel, but no signals on the radio he had received. Then Charles tried to contact the captain of the vessel, but in vain.

Mackillop looked at the bridge to make sure there are no cars, but the man was blinded by a solar flare, so the car Nafisa he didn’t notice. After that, his colleague pulled the switch to activate the flashing red light. The operator launched the breeding of the bridge.

The situation is still being investigated by local law enforcement officials, and Terence Nafis stated that never will cross that bridge.