The driver of Uber raped his client, who fell asleep in his car

The driver of Uber raped his client, who fell asleep in his car

New York police took over the search for the Uber driver who, taking advantage of the alcohol intoxication of his client, took her from Manhattan to his home in Queens, where he raped her.

It happened on Thursday, August 17, after about two hours the night 47-year-old driver arrived at the call of the client, which was waiting for him at East 52nd Street (corner Second Avenue), East village.

The driver of Uber raped his client, who fell asleep in his car

Finding that the woman was drunk and fell asleep during the trip, the man took her to his apartment, located in the heart of flushing. 31-year-old victim was still unconsciouswhen he raped her.

The next morning, when the customer woke up, she didn’t realize where he was, but the driver explained that at his house. When surfaced the fact held between them close, he began to assert that were safe, and asked not to call the police.

The woman managed to escape. On the way home, at the intersection of 41st Road and College Point Blvd she noticed police officers approached for help.

The victim told them that before you call Uber, she drank a few alcoholic beverages. The woman also added that its consent to the proximity of not allowed.

Police took over the investigation of the incident and verify the authenticity of the victim’s testimony. With this aim, the woman was taken to Bellevue hospital for an examination.

According to the Daily News, law enforcement officers have identified a suspect and are now trying to find him.

The Uber representative told the press that the company is aware of the incident and undertook a detailed study of the incident.

Similar cases where the drivers of transport companies raping their customers, is not the first time happen in the United States this summer. For example, the June incident in Los Angeles almost exactly-in-exactly resembles the above mentioned.

At that time the police managed to arrest 46-year-old Alaric Spence, Uber driver, who instead of driving my drunk customer home, rented a Motel room and subjected her to sexual violence.

In July, the Chicago 48-year-old Lyft driver named Angelo McCoy began to choke his client, who was intoxicated, tied up and raped. However, he threatened her with a knife. In the end, the girl jumped out of the car on the go, and law enforcement officers found and arrested McCoy.