Man stole lottery tickets for 3,5 thousand dollars

Man stole lottery tickets for 3,5 thousand dollars

Brooklyn thieves made two robberies in one day! Men, armed with pistols, stole from the bookstore Book Card lottery tickets and money from the cash register, an hour after he robbed a Laundromat.

On Friday, August 25, the new York city police reported that on July 27 around 2:40 p.m., two men burst into the book shop on Flatlands Avenue near East 94th Street, in Canarsie at the time when the employee closed the room. One of the offenders threatened the employee with the gun and punched him in the face.

Man stole lottery tickets for 3,5 thousand dollars

According to police, the attackers fled in an unknown direction with 8 thousand dollars in cash and lottery tickets on 3,5 thousand dollars and the victim’s wallet.

As reported in Amny, about an hour before the incident the thieves entered the Laundry room Choo Choo on East 102nd Street and Farragut Road, and there stole $ 500 in cash.

On Friday police released a surveillance video from the Laundry (below), where you can consider criminals. The men were dressed in hoodies with a strained face hoods. It is known that it was 2 African American 20-25 years old, one of them was a sweatshirt with a black hood, grey pants and a green baseball cap, and the second in blue hoodie and blue pants.


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