Thousands of salmon «escaped» from the fish farms in the ocean

Thousands of salmon «escaped» from the fish farms in the ocean

Saturday, August 19, from fish farms in Washington broke the will of thousands of Atlantic salmon.

The owners of fish farms Cooke Aquaculture of Canada suggested that this failure overtook them because of «exceptionally high tides and currents, coinciding with a solar Eclipse this week». The Guardian reported that the salmon escaped due to torn network in the Pacific ocean.

Thousands of salmon «escaped» from the fish farms in the ocean

The canadian company said the wildlife that, according to preliminary estimates, escaped from 4 thousand to 5 thousand fish, but the exact number will be determined once tidal conditions improve so that the divers could assess the damage.

As reported by NY Daile News, the fishermen who hunt local king salmon Chinookalready caught escaped fish.

«Probably, many fishes are still in the networks, – said in a statement. Farm crews are in place to stabilize the condition of the fishery».

The Department of fish and wildlife Washington state works closely with fish farm to solve this problem. On Tuesday, representatives of public organizations have urged anglers to catch salmon, which weighs up to 4.5 kg (10 pounds). Assistant Department Director Ron Warren expressed concern regarding the fact that Atlantic salmon may interbreed with the Pacific or compete with them for food.

Professor, University of Victoria John Volpe, who studied Atlantic salmon released into the Pacific ocean, commented: «Everyone wants to know what this means? And the honest answer is: we don’t know». Based on research, which he spent more than a decade ago, the Professor suggested that Atlantic salmon can survive to spawn and create viable offspring in waters of the Pacific ocean.