Seven tornado swept over Texas (video)

Seven tornado swept over Texas (video)

Tropical storm Harvey has caused severe flooding in the area of Houston, state of Texas, which has already killed several people, but also brought devastating tornadoes.

One such tornado was caught on video Ricardo Diaz and his buddy when they went in the car on Saturday, August 26.

Seven tornado swept over Texas (video)

«I was driving down Cypress Road heading to Lone Star College when he appeared right in front of our eyes,» said Diaz. The guy admitted was sure I was going to die that day.

Video posted by an eyewitness on Facebook, instantly became viral, gathering by Sunday, over 300 thousand views.

Many commentators in horror noted that the intersection of Barker Cypress and Longenbaugh is a few blocks from their own homes.

National weather service Houston recorded over the weekend , seven tornadoes. Reports of two more not yet confirmed.

Two tornado swept over Galveston, Texas City and La Marque, four were seen in the North-West from Harris County, another knocked down trees and tore off parts of homes in Missouri City.

There is no information about whether the injured people.

In the video there is profanity!