Aggressive passenger, which turned the plane, will pay 100 thousand dollars

Aggressive passenger, which turned the plane, will pay 100 thousand dollars

The passenger plane that behaved so aggressively that forced the pilots to turn around, pay for my behavior almost 100 thousand dollars.

James August I flew from Honolulu to new York, and the flight will be long remembered by all – and the team, and other passengers, and himself. The Epoch Times reports that James, being intoxicated, was screaming first at his girlfriend and her children, and then decided to throw out the emotions sitting on the nearby people and workers of the airline Hawaiian Airlines.

Before the flight, the man was drunk. He was angry when his children are girls do not want to sit next to him, and begged the stewardess to transplant them as far as possible. James continued to drink and started yelling at his girlfriend, not reacting to attempts by staff to calm him down. Then he opened a bottle of alcohol taken with you on Board, and under the hot hand of drunken men were not only his family, but flight attendants and other passengers.

Two stewards brought the troublemaker and warned the drunk client that if he doesn’t calm down, decisive action will be taken on the part of the captain. But it didn’t work.

Seeing no other way out, the captain turned the plane and James August landed at the Honolulu airport, where he was met by the FBI.

In February, the trial began for the occasion, which ended with the ruling of Federal judge James pay compensation in the amount of almost 100 thousand dollars and three years probation. Honolulu Star Advertiser reports that to the question posed in the August court about what happened, he replied: «I don’t remember much, your honor.»