Fraud with Medicaid is waiting for Amnesty

Fraud with Medicaid is waiting for Amnesty

The authorities in new Jersey announced a pilot program of Amnesty for people who confessed to abuse of benefits Medicaid. The idea of the Amnesty came after more than two dozen fraud was arrested in Lakewood.

In the office of the state Comptroller, representatives of the fraud squad with Medicaid said that the voluntary disclosure earned on Tuesday and will run for three months. According to it the accused will have to repay them benefitsto which they had rights, and also to pay a fine. In addition, they will not be able to use Medicaid during the year. But if participants in the program will follow all requirements of the authorities, they will not give the court and the ocean County Prosecutor’s office will not continue to press charges.

Fraud with Medicaid is waiting for Amnesty

At the moment the program is only open to residents of ocean County who received Medicaid, have not had time to make a deal with the office of the Comptroller of the state, but has already faced accusations.

At the end of June and early July, authorities have charged 26 people from the city of Lakewood County of ocean, including a prominent local Rabbi, in the concealment of their real income to obtain social assistance. Investigators believe that the defendants have applied for participation in the Medicaid program, affordable housing, social welfare and food aid.

Catching fraudsters shocked Lakewood, whose population has tripled since 1980, after it began to settle more Orthodox Jews. Now the city is one of the largest settlements in new Jersey.

Newspaper Asbury Park Press reported that hundreds of residents of Lakewood has contacted city officials after the arrests, Amnesty or relief in this situation.

Lakewood Vaad, a Council of Orthodox religious leaders and businessmen, supported the Amnesty program.