A policeman is accused of murdering a mentally unstable woman

A policeman is accused of murdering a mentally unstable woman

Police in new York is accused of murdering an elderly woman suffering from mental illness.

31-year-old Sergeant Hugh Barry was charged with the murder of 66-year-old resident of the Bronx , Deborah Danner, committed on 18 October 2016.

On the day when Danner was killed, the NYPD received a call from the house where lived the woman. Applying said Danner «mentally unbalanced» and is located in the bedroom of his apartment on the 7th floor of the house at Pugsley Avenue with a pair of scissors.

Police arrived on the scene, among whom was Sergeant Barry, found the woman wielding the scissors. At the request of the officers the woman threw the scissors, but picked up a wooden bat. According to the chief of the district police Department Larry Nikunen, Danner has tried «to strike the Sergeant», who in response fired two shots from a pistol. Barry was in possession of a stun gun, but he did not use it.

The Sergeant was suspended from duty during the investigation, and now he is charged.

The incident provoked a storm of criticism from local officials, including police Commissioner of new York James O’neill, who said: «We have failed».

The day after the incident, mayor bill de Blasio , jointly with James O’neill addressed the public, saying it was «tragic and unacceptable».

«This was never supposed to happen. It’s so easy: this was never supposed to be. The work of the NYPD is to protect life,» said Blasio.

In defense of Barry made by his colleagues from the police Union.

«Police work is not an exact science, often requiring the adoption of urgent decisions in the midst of a hostile and life-threatening situations,» reads the statement of the Union. «Sergeant Barry did what the law allows and what the Department taught him».

To date, Barry released on bail in the amount of $ 100,000, and the next hearing in the case will take place on 7 July.