The FBI has rescued 84 children from sale into slavery

The FBI has rescued 84 children from sale into slavery

The FBI conducted operation Cross Country XI, during which it was rescued 84 children from sale into slavery, and arrested 120 traffickers people.

This was stated by the FBI Director Christopher ray.

«The Federal Bureau has no more important mission than protecting the lives, health and freedom of our children,» said ray. «Unfortunately, the number of children rescued and the number of arrests of criminals shows that we still need to go on and continue this work,» he added.

The operation is part of a 2003 initiative called «Innocence Lost National». During this time militiamen managed to find the 6500 sold into sex slavery and other children, according to NBC News.

«It is important to remember that pimps do not stop at nothing, and they are not even interested in the age of the victims,» — said in a statement to the FBI.

So, the agents said that during the performed operation they have saved a three-month baby and her five year old sister out of Denver, state of Colorado. As it turned out the «friend» of the family made a deal with traffickers to sell the girls for $ 600.


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