Chicago will write more Parking tickets

Chicago will write more Parking tickets

The townspeople, who love to pull the tail of luck and to Park at the weekend without payment of the meter in the future may face a host of new challenges, as officials decided to fill the budget through the introduction of additional penalties.

In an effort to obtain additional income in the amount of $ 4 million, city officials are ready to expand efforts to ensure compliance with the rules and laws in the commercial areas of the city, where the owners of the shops and restaurants want Parking spaces freed up more quickly to attract more buyers.

Chicago will write more Parking tickets

Under the new program, which was already working in test mode and brought in the budget of $ 2.6 million, officials issuing the fines will be working overtime in greater numbers. This was announced at a meeting of the members of the city Council, which discussed the new draft budget of the size of 10 billion.

Soon law enforcement agencies involved in the fines, will receive the most advanced handheld computers that will track complaints in real time and allows dispatchers to send inspectors to the shopping districts with the highest number of complaints. About it, said Molly Poppe, a spokesman of the Finance Department.

Drivers will also have to pay $2 more for Parking near Wrigley Field, starting 2 hours before Chicago Cubs games and other events at the Friendly Confines and ending one hour after the event.

However, city officials do not plan to expand the program in the part of town around the United Center or Soldier Field.