After almost 100 years, new Yorkers are allowed to dance

After almost 100 years, new Yorkers are allowed to dance

Over the United States often laugh because of the weird or ridiculous laws. And even our glorious new York did not escape this fate, because the city for more than 90 years, the law prohibiting dancing in any institutions that have not received a cabaret license.

Here and so. Cabaret as such is almost gone, but this strange law is still in effect. But a short time left to rule confusion, because the authorities finally decided to get rid of this inappropriate time of the ban.

After almost 100 years, new Yorkers are allowed to dance

Jazz and dancing are outlawed

The law On «cabaret», which entered into force in the distant 1926, during the era of prohibitionto close the black jazz clubs. Music was banned in unlicensed bars until 1936 when the law was amended in the first amendment that allows you to use a radio or play the piano. Later bars are allowed to hire no more than three musicians who couldn’t play wind instruments. In the 90 years the law was used for the closure of the underground Nightclubs.

Currently less than 0.01% of bars and restaurants in new York have a cabaret license. Obtaining such a document is costly and requires much time, the approval of several agencies, and the fulfillment of many requirements. Despite the fact that in the last few years, authorities have virtually watched his performance, he still spoiled the lives of the owners of bars and clubs. In addition, this law became the reason for the departure of urban dance culture underground, and the underground are extremely questionable places.

Out of sight, out of mind

Surprisingly, the city that never sleeps and proudly calls itself the capital of night life, there is still so archaic law, which, by the way, have tried several times to cancel. And now, it seems that these labors will be crowned with success. On Tuesday a new bill submitted for discussion Rafael Espinola from Brooklyn, will appear before the city Council. To pass the necessary 26 votes and Mr Espinal said that he’s got it.

The representative of the mayor said that de Blasio also supports the idea of abolishing the outdated law, although he underlined that some pointsstated on it, it would be worth to save, for example, required the presence of surveillance cameras and security in large institutions (don’t be surprised these items were added to the law in the last 15 years).