The people of new Jersey banned Smoking and vaping to 21 years

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Cardiovascular diseases and cancer, hair loss, loose skin, and impotence — all of these companions of tobacco use are not very concerned about young smokers. Indeed, in their years of health issues rarely make themselves known.

Electronic cigarettes do not disdain even the non-smokers, considering them more secure. Meanwhile, scientists have a different opinion on this — they recently proved once again the dangers of wapow.

The people of new Jersey banned Smoking and vaping to 21 years

The authorities in new Jersey have decided to protect youth from the negative effects of Smoking-volunteer force. Now state residents under the age of 21 can’t buy tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.

The law the Governor Chris Christie signed in July, and on Wednesday it entered into force.

The authors of the bill, senators Richard Cody and Joseph Viteyl, I hope that the restriction on the purchase of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes will reduce the army of smokers, for treatment which the state annually spends about $4 billion.

According to the nonprofit organization Global Advisors on Smokefree Policy (GASP), 90% of young people start Smoking before 21 years, when their body is not yet fully formed.

New Jersey became the third state in which Smoking is allowed only 21 years old. Previously, such rules were introduced in California and Hawaii.

Recall that until 2006, in new Jersey sell cigarettes to 18 years of age, after which the limit is raised to 1 year.





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