In the passports of pedophiles will appear on the record of their crimes

In the passports of pedophiles will appear on the record of their crimes

In the passports of Americans who have been convicted of sexual offences against children, will soon be a special record warning against it. The state Department announced that on the back cover of the documents of offenders will be added to the ID, describing their crimes. It will contain the following text: «the Owner was found guilty of committing a sexual offence on a minor is a sex offender».

Once the State Department receives a list of names of rapists from the Department of homeland security, they are informed that their passports revoked and have to be reissued already ID. Also criminals will lose the opportunity to obtain ID cards, as «due to the lack of space on data cards is impossible to print the necessary warning».

This innovation is a mandatory step according to the Megan’s Law adopted in 2016 and designed to «protect children and others from sexual abuse and exploitation, including sex trafficking and sex tourism». A non-profit organization that fights for the civil rights of registered sex offenders, immediately sued the government, claiming that the law violated the constitutional rights of registered offenders. A Federal judge dismissed the claim, but the Alliance is again planning to sue based on the fact that the new rule is unprecedented. Critics of the innovations, said that the law on sexual offences in the United States is too large and is even used against the offenders, who were minors at the time of the crimes. In some cases, teenagers were accused of committing a sexual crime only for the transmission of Nude photos to others.

The spokesman gave no comments on the issue of whether or not the IDs of the criminals convicted for other crimes.