NYPD: In new York city decreased the number of murders

NYPD: In new York city decreased the number of murders

According to police, in new York this year recorded fewer than 300 homicides for the first time since 1950.

«When we talk about the fact that the number of homicides dropped to 300, it is a significant reduction,» says Dermot Shea, a representative of the police Department. «Each life is important, we are proud of this leap in the reduction in the number of crimes.» Recall that the figures for the previous year in new York — 335 murders.

The number includes eight people killed in the terrorist attack in Manhattan on Tuesday. Shay proposed to classify the incident as an act of aggression that would exclude the dead from the statistics. The decision the police had taken after the attack on the world trade center in 2001. However, the proposal was rejected. As a result, the police recorded was atypical 18% spike in homicides in October — 26 compared with 22 in October of last year.

In this year, there were 677 shootings — 195 (22%) less than in the past. For comparison data of Chicago with a population of 2.8 million people (in new York city’s 8.5 million inhabitants). At the end of October there was already 580 murders.

The number of rapes in October rose 17%. In the police Department attributed this surge policy aimed at encouraging victims of rape to report it. Shay noted that 13% of the incidents reported in October, occurred over a year ago.

Dermot Shea I am sure that such statistics contributed to the work of the police Department of new York city residents and promotion of cooperation. Also, special attention was paid to the local gangs and groups.