In local elections in the United States «won the pot»

In local elections in the United States «won the pot»

In new Jersey and Virginia elected new governors who were in favor of the legalization of marijuana.

Democrat Phil Murphy, who will become the Governor of new Jersey, have repeatedly called for the abolition of marijuana prohibition in contrast to his opponent, Republican Chris Christie.

In local elections in the United States «won the pot»

«What for marijuana relies criminal liability, scored our courts many cases,» he said during his first victory speech. «So we are going to legalize».
According to Forbes, this summer, Murphy also wrote in his Twitter: «the Laws on marijuana in new Jersey are 143 million dollars a year, while African Americans and Hispanics are arrested for it three times as often».

The head of the Senate of new Jersey, Stephen Sweeney, said: «In January 2018 we will have a new Governor. As soon as the past goes, we intend to move towards the legalization of marijuana».

In Virginia, Ralph Northam, won the election, made the decriminalization of marijuana one of the main goals of his campaign.

«We need to change laws that disproportionately harm racial minorities,» wrote he in his blog. «African Americans 2.8 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession. And the money that the state spends on litigation can be spent on more important things – for example, the opening of new kindergartens.»

In Philadelphia attorney Lawrence Krasner repeatedly talked about the need for marijuana legalization. It is their arguments.

«There are research: when marijuana is readily available, is a 25% reduction in deaths from opiates. So it legalization is potentially a saved life,» said Krasner.

In new York , a group of lawyers said that in 2018 they will make efforts to convince the state government to enact legislation that would have legalized marijuana.