Trump promised as a Christmas gift «big tax cuts»

Trump promised as a Christmas gift «big tax cuts»

Monday, November 20, the President of the United States Donald trump announced his pledge to implement tax reform by Christmas.

Speaking before the Cabinet meeting, trump said: «We are going for Christmas to significantly reduce taxes for Americans – I hope it will be a meaningful and beautiful Christmas gift.»

Trump promised as a Christmas gift «big tax cuts»

This statement followed the next day after the White house announced its readiness to abandon the provisions on health care, if it prevents the adoption of the tax bill.

This position needs to cancel a key component of the health care act enacted by President Barack Obama – the mandatory health insurance.

The trump insisted on this point of the bill partly in order to show progress in achieving the goal of the Republican party to destroy Obamacare after unsuccessful attempts of Congress to abolish it.

The head of the office of management and budget under the President, Mick Mulvany, said:

«If we manage to partially repeal Obamacare, as part of the tax bill, and it will be the best bill that I can confirm, that would be great».