Partial abortion ban in Texas blocked the Federal court

Partial abortion ban in Texas blocked the Federal court

A Federal judge in Texas overturned a ban on a procedure for the interruption of the second trimester of pregnancy.

The judge’s decision Whether Icela happened just a day before the ban was to come into force in the state.

Partial abortion ban in Texas blocked the Federal court

The Texas law, known as Senate bill 8 was signed by Governor Greg Abbott earlier this year. A lawsuit against the bill was filed by the proponents of abortion, noting that the ban «would require women seeking to terminate a pregnancy, to undergo an unnecessary, additional and painful medical procedures to obtain their constitutional right to abortion.»

The attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton immediately announced the filing of an appeal in the 5th circuit court of appeals of the United States.
«No society should tolerate when living humans torn to pieces,» said Paxton in a written statement.

But judge Iekel, in turn, noted that Senate bill 8 infringes on the constitutional rights of women who intend to have an abortion in the second trimester.
«The position of the state in promoting respect for the life of the unborn is clear. But this is not enough to justify the legally protected right of a woman to terminate a pregnancy.»

Judge Yakel added that at least seven States have passed laws partially banning abortion. Courts in four States have already prevented the laws come into effect in Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma.

In Louisiana the trial is in process. Similar laws in Mississippi and West Virginia are not disputed.
«The court’s decision once again makes clear that politics has no place in medical decisions that should remain between a patient and physician,» said Nancy Northrup, President of the Center for reproductive rights.