New York teenager, fatally wounding a classmate, was released on bail

New York teenager, fatally wounding a classmate, was released on bail

A scandalous murder case in new York the school took an unexpected turn. On Wednesday, the court halved the bail set for the release of 18-year-old Abel, Sedeno, who fatally stabbed his classmate.

In order to release the defendant to freedom before the final verdict, it is $250 thousand. The fundraiser was organized by the Senator from Democratic party Reverend Ruben Diaz Sr. and the congregation of community Church of the Bronx, where he serves as the pastor. After posting bail, Sedano thanked everyone who helped him, promised to justify their trust and left the courthouse. On the street it was waited already by the machine.

The goal of the activists was to allow the teenager to spend Christmas at home, and they succeeded.

This complicated and controversial story began at the Urban Assembly School many years ago, but reached its climax at the beginning of the school year, when Cedeno plunged a knife into the heart of the 15-year-old Matthew McCrea and seriously injured 16-year-old Ariana of Laboe. The day of the tragedy victims fell under the hot hand of the guy many years bullied by classmates.

Baiting began at the beginning of high school, when Cedeno realized that he doesn’t like girls. For many years he suffered insults, and on September 27, the Cup of patience was exhausted — even the little things were enough to bring him out of himself.

Classmates of the deceased McCrea argue that neither he nor Laboe early not have significant problems in relations with Cedeno. The police confirmed this information, but added that that day in history class the boys started throwing him in the head with the scraps of paper and fragments of pencils.

The object of the bullying silently left the room, then returned with a retractable knife, bought on Amazon for $ 30, and hit McCrea, followed by Laboa. In a matter of seconds in the eyes of teachers and classmates, the room was painted in red.

McCrea died of his wounds and his companion was saved. The murderer went to prison, where he spent the last 2 months, but has pleaded not guilty.

The contradictory fate of the boy was not only convicted of crimes, but sympathy.

After the arrest, Cedeno his mother created a petition calling on judges and authorities for mercy. The woman said that the school her son was subjected to moral, physical and even sexual violence, but all her requests for assistance were ignored.

«Give him a second chance — you know, he’s a victim, too,» wrote the mother of Abel. To date, the initiative has gained 442 signatures of the required 500.

During the last hearing the prosecution was against reducing bail, but the judge reduced the amount from $500,000 to $250,000 and at the time the defendant was released to the family — it will be re-considered early next year, but until then, Cedeno will wear an electronic bracelet.

The mother of the deceased Matthew McCrea furious at the court decision. «He will be celebrating Christmas with family when my son is lying in the damp earth… the System failed!, — the woman was indignant that came under the court building with a group of supporters.

September murder — the first incident of this kind in the schools of new York over the past two decades.