New York realtors will prohibit the use of unconventional names of the districts

New York realtors will prohibit the use of unconventional names of the districts

Real estate agents continue to engage in the rebranding of urban areas and many residents of the city is clearly not for everyone. Into use was included NoLo (SoHo + Nolita + Lower East Side) and DoBro (Downtown Brooklyn). But residents South of Harlem strongly against the new name SoHa. But this time, their dissatisfaction will not end solely by the perturbations, to use the new name requested to prohibit by law.

Newly elected state Senator Brian Benjamin, a native of Harlem, held numerous conversations with residents of the area who objected to the term SoHa. In order to represent their interests, he introduced the state legislature a bill that would forbid people, in particular real estate agents use this acronym as a marketing tool.

Although the names of districts not officially appear on maps of cities, the use of the new names is a kind of marketing strategy used by real estate agents to represent district is more fashionable and modern place. It’s hard to believe, but because of the emergence of new names of districts, even the rent is increasing.

The bill Senator Benjamin called the «Law on the inviolability of the names of the areas» must be adopted before new titles will appear in various official documents. It provides for liability of realtors for what they advertise property in the area, which according to the official data is not such that there is a different name.

Benjamin stated that the realtors using new names, trying to sort the best pages in the history of the area from his dark past, presenting a new play area in «perfect» light, but this is not true, and Harlem remains the Harlem.