In new York exposed a million fraudulent scheme in the field of health

In new York exposed a million fraudulent scheme in the field of health

Four new York doctor among the 20 detainees who are charged with the organization of large-scale fraud schemes in health care. The criminals managed to get around Medicaid, Medicare and other government-funded insurance companies, to the detriment of tens of millions of dollars.

The fraudulent scheme continued for 3 years. Criminals are focused on areas with a population of low-income. Information about people received from the employment agencies and social canteens. In the scheme took part not only doctors, but also recruiters, office staff, managers, and business representatives.

In new York exposed a million fraudulent scheme in the field of health

The selected «candidates», the scammers were paying $ 30-40 for a visit to the clinic to undergo a completely unnecessary person expensive analysis or test. Further, the money for the procedure debited from account supposedly of the patient, which in the end could just visit the clinic, spend an hour and leave without receiving service. The funds received on the hospital’s account, the fraudsters laundered through Bank accounts of shell companies in China, Singapore, Lithuania, Pakistan, Taiwan and Turkey. After that, the money was distributed among criminals.

The leader of a criminal syndicate was the 35-year-old Christina Mirbabaev from Brooklyn. Its main «business partner» in the fraud was Dr. Curtis responsible for designation and passage of patient treatments.

Among the other accused, 46-year-old Vladislav Yakubov (Brighton beach, Brooklyn), which is the Manager of the recruitment Agency, 49-year-old Kamal Zafar (South Huntington, new York). Financial matters (money-laundering) were 54-year-old Natan Yusufov (Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn), 47-year-old Igor Shamaev (Midwood) and 58-year-old Vitaly Efremov (Ocean Parkway).

The participants of the criminal organizations bought expensive real estate. For example, Mirbabaev newly purchased apartment in the heart of new York city for 3.25 million dollars, Yakubov bought an apartment in Brighton beach for $ 2.8 million.

All law enforcement officers found 11 properties acquired by criminals allegedly with the stolen money, a total value of more than $ 10 million. For houses and apartments seized. Was also frozen more than 100 Bank accounts belonging to members of the group.

If the crooks are found guilty in court, they are threatened by punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to 25 years.