If legalized in new York marijuana?

If legalized in new York marijuana?

Just over 7 days left before the parliamentary session. The congressmen of the state and public lawyers agreed to resume active efforts to legalize recreational marijuana in the state of new York.

As reported pix11.comSenator Liz Krueger and Assembly member crystal Peoples-Stroks were joined on Monday afternoon to the Drug Policy Allianceto announce re-introducing of the Law on state regulation and tax of marijuana (the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act).

Past attempts of this act, has failed in a legislative Committee. Under the bill, new York will create a legal marijuana market, will levy taxes and regulate it like alcohol market.

The legislators said that the possible flow of tax revenues will be significant, as, according to estimates, over the year, new Yorkers spend on marijuana to $ 3 billion.

Governor Andrew Cuomo questioned the wisdom of legalizing marijuana, except in cases limited its use for medical purposes.