Police consider the shooting in the air will be arrested

Police consider the shooting in the air will be arrested

Not everyone has enough firecrackers and fireworks to celebrate the New year. Many US residents love to shoot in the air during the night.

Such actions are dangerous and entail criminal responsibility to warn the police of Los Angeles. In the Friday memo the office recalls that shooting in the air violates article 246.3 of the criminal procedure code. Besides, the falling bullets accelerate due to the force of gravity and can injure passers-by.

«Don’t drive drunk and don’t shoot into the air. Don’t make others suffer for your irresponsibility,» urged the chief of the LAPD Charlie Beck in the video.

As the #NewYear approaches, let’s all make sure we celebrate responsibly. Here’s to wishing everyone a happy and safe new year. pic.twitter.com/fCOY1AC0os

— Chief Charlie Beck (@LAPDChiefBeck) December 26, 2017

According to police, last new year’s eve in the County of Los Angeles recorded 117 cases of illegal shooting in the air. As a result of such offenses, one man received a head injury from falling bullets.



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