Closed the garage door — pay a fine of $200 in Auburn green

Closed the garage door — pay a fine of $200 in Auburn green

Residents of the condominium community Auburn-Greene, California, will be forced to keep the door to the garage open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The issue price of open doors – to a fine of $200 for an administrative violation.

Closed the garage door — pay a fine of $200 in Auburn green

To pay $ 200 to have those who want to be able to keep things in the garage and not fear for their safety.

In Auburn green residents were very dissatisfied with such innovation, leaving a lot of angry comments on the page Auburn Greens Home Owners Association.

Here is a comment Brian Miller: «Forcing owners to keep their garages open during the day, while most of their work, outraged. I was also puzzled that they are unable to find an alternative solution to this problem. You have successfully replaced the conventional garages sheds and reduced the cost of real estate in the area without offering alternatives.»

As reported by kcra Norm brewer, a resolution was adopted by the local homeowners Association after receiving signals that some residents allow strangers to live in their garages.

The representative of the homeowners Association California said that the Association has the legal right to impose such a restriction.

While many residents followed the instructions, and just left the door to the garage open, others expressed concerns, began to look for loopholes in the law, and to check how much it should be open doors or simply ignored the ruling.

Jason, a 9 year old boy in the comment pix11 said, «I’m still a little concerned. I am concerned because I think it will all be stolen, you know?»

Local residents are mostly dissatisfied with this ruling and believe that the open door of their garage can lead to theft of property that is inside. Those who opened the door was forced to look for personal belongings place inside the house.

Placer County residents living in Auburn Greens HOA say this new policy is unfair and puts their belongings at risk of being stolen. On-site manager closed the door as we pulled up, and the management company hasn’t returned our messages. Story at 5.

— Max Resnik (@KCRAMax) January 5, 2018

«The residents of Placer County living in the Auburn-Greene, said that this new policy is unfair and HOA puts their property at risk to be stolen. The Manager closed the door in front of our noses, and company representatives did not answer our messages. Story at 5.».