Director of ICE: those who run the city-shelters, to be judged

Director of ICE: those who run the city-shelters, to be judged

On Tuesday, the head of Immigrational and customs enforcement U.S. Thomas Homan stated that it is necessary to toughen measures against politicians who support granting asylum to illegal immigrants.

During the election campaign Donald trump said that every illegal immigrant will be deported. The President also gave the center for its program 2016 year, explaining that the cities of refuge prevent legislative regulation of the security of citizens. The statements of the Homan continue this line.

Director of ICE: those who run the city-shelters, to be judged

According to a study 2015 of the year, the implementation of the plan will cost the government US in 400-600 billion dollars, and if, as planned, to carry immigrants on yellow school buses, it will take about 20 years.

In an interview with Fox News, the acting Director of ICE Thomas Homan said that the Ministry of justice considered it necessary «to bring charges against cities of refuge» and «to cut their funding.»

In December, the trump appointed Homan to head ICE. The new Director of Immigration and customs police USA believes that all the policies, manages city-shelters, required to «take personal responsibility».

«We should start to call them [those who run the city] to the court, and to present accusations to some politicians», he said.

The President also has repeatedly condemned the cities that offer illegal immigrants sanctuary and do not cooperate with Federal immigration police.

These comments came during a discussion on California Governor Jerry brown, ubezhdena the advocate for the protection of illegal immigrants. In October, brown signed a bill declaring California a state of refuge.


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