The Republicans proposed «aggressive» decision on the «dreamers» in the new bill

The Republicans proposed «aggressive» decision on the «dreamers» in the new bill

A group of Republicans from the house of representatives proposed their own solution for immigration programs DACA in mind the looming crisis and the lack of agreement on this issue between Congress and the White house. The bill has already received the support of some of the heads of house Committee, calls for «more aggressive enforcement actions» against «dreamers,» reports The Hill.

In the coming days supporters of the bill hope to win more support among Republicans, relying on the latest concerns regarding the possibility of the preparation of the Senate’s narrower proposal.

The Republicans proposed «aggressive» decision on the «dreamers» in the new bill

«We will focus on how to show that in the House of representatives the proposed approach has a very strong support,» — said at a press conference on Wednesday, the Chairman of the Committee on legal Affairs Bob Goodlatte.

The creators of the bill are members of the house of March, Maccalli and Raul Labrador.

The bill proposes to provide program participants DACA a three-year temporary legal status which may be renewed an unlimited number of times, but without citizenship.

This measure would approve a budget of $ 30 billion for construction of boundary wall and investing in other measures of border security and other measures to combat illegal immigration. The bill provides a record of every employment contract with a member of DACA and its inclusion in the database of immigration status. No one can hide from the authorities. It also completely negates the existence of the so-called cities of refuge and will lead to an increase in the number of deportees in connection with the Commission of criminal offences.

Under the bill, immigration levels should be reduced by 25%.

President Donald trump has not yet expressed its support for the proposed Republican bill, but noted that the latter is a «good starting point». Republicans this statement was regarded as a support of the White house.