Arrested killer of new York teenagers from the gang MS-13

Arrested killer of new York teenagers from the gang MS-13

On Thursday in office of the district attorney of Nassau County announced the arrest of 17 members of MS-13, including one of the leaders of a dangerous criminal gang. Some of them are involved in a series of murders of young people which took place in long island last fall.

Police arrest alleged MS-13 gang member accused of killing Roosevelt teenager. Many others arrested in huge MS-13 takedown. More on @ABC7NY at 4 & 6

— Kristin Thorne (@KristinThorne) January 11, 2018

Arrested killer of new York teenagers from the gang MS-13

Recall that from 19 to 23 October in a wooded area were found the bodies of 16-year-old angel Soler, his age, Javier Castillo and 20-year-old Kerin Pineda. The killers were looking for a few months.

Their capture was the result of extensive joint investigation, which involved police departments in several States, the Department of narcotics and the FBI. Some attackers were hiding in Cuba, France, Egypt and Korea.

In addition to murders, the criminals are accused of distributing drugs on the territory of new York, counties, Nassau, Suffolk, new Jersey, Baltimore and Texas.

«Operation shed light on the magnitude and complexity of MS-13, and mass arrest dealt a blow to gang activity on the territory of long island,» said district attorney Madeline Singas in a press release.

Over the past few months, security agencies have made significant progress in the fight against the criminal gang. Only one police of Nassau County has carried out 150 arrests.

MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha (translated as «Salvadoran army ants») is an international criminal structure, which has about 50 thousand members, of whom 10-15 thousand are criminal activities on the territory of the United States.