Before the trip to North Korea, Americans are advised to make a will

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The U.S. Department of state reported that not all Americans can visit North Korea, and those who manage to pass a special inspection must be prepared for the fact that they may not return.

Last week on the Department’s website has a warning for U.S. citizens that they traveled to North Korea in connection with the risk of arrest and long term detention.

Before the trip to North Korea, Americans are advised to make a will

Those who still intend to go to North Korea, will not be able to get into the country, having only an American passport. Applicants are required to pass a special test, after which they will receive a one-time passport.

According to the Ministry, on a trip to or through North Korea, using only a U.S. passport, may lead to the withdrawal of the document and to criminal prosecution.

The state Department also issued recommendations for those who still dare to risk the journey:

  • make a will and assign an appropriate insurance beneficiaries and/or prepare the power of attorney;
  • talk to your family about guardianship/custody of the children, Pets, property, illiquid assets, your wishes regarding the funeral, etc.
  • visit the website for travel to areas with a high level of risk.

Perhaps this critical statement of the us state Department due to the death of an American student of Otto Bombieri, which North Korean authorities have accused of theft of a propaganda banner from the hotel during a tourist trip to North Korea.

March 16, 2016, he was sentenced to 15 years hard labour, but in June of 2017 was sent home. While still in prison, Wambier in a coma, and a week after his return died.

In addition, serious limitations can be associated with the recent threats of Kim Jong-UN to attack the US with nuclear warheads, saying that he has the «red button».