Dog in Michigan received unemployment benefits

Dog in Michigan received unemployment benefits

Attorney haddock from Michigan’s recently received an interesting letter. The Agency for unemployment reported that «the request of Michael Ryder on the Dole satisfied».

The problem is that the recipient’s name is really Michael, but Ryder is his name dogs, according to the channel WZZM.

Dog in Michigan received unemployment benefits

Therefore, $360 in a week the Agency has identified to a dog. «I don’t know what he’s gonna do with the money, but I wonder at a man. — I knew he was smart, but this time he really surprised».

Haddock even called the restaurant in Detroit listed as last place of work of the Rider, but there about the «fired» four-legged employee, of course, knew nothing.

False application for benefits is so frequent, that on 30 January, the unemployment Agency of Michigan announced the creation of a special investigative unit that will detect intruders before the money will be sent.

And Michael haddock received a new letter in which the Agency expressed its regret over the fact that rider will not be able to contribute to the family budget.