In California, Starbucks sued over a glass of blood baristas

In California, Starbucks sued over a glass of blood baristas

The couple from southern California have filed a lawsuit against Starbucks, finding the Cup that saw their 2-year-old daughter, the blood of the baristas.

6 Feb 2016 Amanda and Luis, Vice, and mother of Luis Ronda Agles ordered a cafe on 601 W. 2nd Str. in San Bernardino a few drinks at the bar. Already home «they noticed a red mark on the wall of one of the cups at the drink came a strong smell of iron,» reads the complaint, 19 pages, filed on behalf of victims of the Los Angeles company Frish Law Group. Similar traces of blood were found in one glass of drink. No one from the family of bleeding was not. Then the victims came to that same Starbucks. There they were told that one of the baristas was really bleeding and he was already removed from the hall.

In California, Starbucks sued over a glass of blood baristas

To make amends of the institution, his Manager offered the family complimentary drinks during the week. From this proposal the couple refused, asking the officer, whose blood was on their glasses, donated blood for HIV, because their 2-year-old daughter drank from this glass. The Manager didn’t say no, but baristo and are not required to pass the test. Therefore, the family of Deputy had to check my blood and some days the stress of waiting for test results.

After angry customers called for protection of their rights in court, the representative of Starbucks offered them other compensation — $1,000, but lawyers for Vice, said that the inadequate amount of the damage caused to the family.

In the lawsuit Starbucks Coffee Company accused of negligence, violation of sanitary standards, fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress, creating a health hazard. The decision the court must take in the next month.


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