Armenian immigrants brought to the United States as unique artists

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In New York indicted on 15 points, three natives Armenia who for several years was running a fraudulent scheme with visa P3 for which their compatriots have moved to the United States.

The defendants — 47-year-old Stella boyadjian from new York, 30-year-old Hrachya Garegin from Glendale (Ca) and 41-year-old Diana Grigoryan from Yerevan (Armenia).

Armenian immigrants brought to the United States as unique artists

The scheme worked flawlessly for many years. As reported in the press service of the Ministry of justice, headed by Stella boyadjian non-profit organization Big Apple Music Awards Foundation Inc. found in Armenia wanting to move to America and claimed the Service of citizenship and immigration, States that these people are artists — members of the Armenian folk song and dance ensembles.

«The accused arranged for clients photo sessions in traditional costumes, printed flyers and posters and presented this as proof that these men are actors, — said the Prosecutor of the Eastern district of new York Richard Donohue. — This allowed customers to obtain a visa, P3 visa for [holders] of a unique cultural heritage.»

Cost of such «services» $3-15 thousand. According to the Ministry of justice, at the expiration of the validity period of the visa, the majority of «artists» remained in the United States.


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