«How many more deaths?!»senators again call for gun control

«How many more deaths?!»senators again call for gun control

Yesterday shooting At school. Florida became the 18th since the beginning of the year. In 11 cases, fortunately, has done without victims, but the statistics are still appalling. The number of victims of the shooting in Parkland school was the most horrible ever since the tragedy at the elementary school Sandy Hook.

«We did everything we could, we were prepared for such situations — said АВС7 Melissa Falkowski — teacher, 19 pupils hide from shooting. But still… after so much sacrifice I feel like our government and our country were defeated, because our children and we were not safe.»

«How many more deaths?!»senators again call for gun control

Immediately after the tragedy, U.S. senators raised the issue of tightening gun control.

«My thoughts are with the families and my thanks to the police officers who first arrived on the scene, wrote in Twitter state senator new york Kirsten Gillibrand. — How many [tragedies] that Congress finally took up the issue of gun control? How much blood, how many more deaths?!»

Heartbreaking and horrific images from yet another school shooting, this time in Parkland, FL. Thinking of the victims and their families, and grateful to the first responders on the scene. When will enough be enough for Congress to finally take gun violence seriously?

— Kirsten Gillibrand (@SenGillibrand) November 14, 2018

A similar tweet was posted and the Senator from new jersey Cory Booker: «Thoughts and prayers aren’t enough. Our nation needs to act.»

During investigation shooting in Florida the police will have to establish where and when the 19-year-old arrow, had been sold a weapon.