Russian hacker extradited from Czech Republic to USA

Eugene Nikulin, a suspect in the theft of 117 million passwords of LinkedInmade in 2012, was extradited to the United States. On Friday, March 30, announced the Ministry of justice of the Czech Republic.

In addition to the United States to extradite Evgeny Nikulin sought Russia, but Prague court decided to extradite hacker to Washington. Very soon the accused will appear before a Federal court in San Francisco. (The exact date of meeting is not yet known.)

Earlier, the Minister of justice of the Czech Republic Robert Pelikan , said that the country for the extradition will be selected based on the severity of the crime, likely committed by the Russian hacker in each of the countries.

Nikulin was detained by Czech police, with the assistance of the FBI in 2016 on suspicion of hacking and identity theft platforms LinkedIn, Formspring and Dropbox. The suspect denies all charges.

After the arrest and request for extradition from the United States the Kremlin has been asked to return Nikulin in Russia in connection with the theft of funds from accounts of companies involved in online payments in 2009.

Recall, about 2 months ago from Spain to the US were extradited to the Russian «king of spam».