The new York Senate has blocked a ban violent people from owning guns

Violent new Jerzy will continue to have access to weapons. Friday, 30 April, Republicans in the state Senate rejected a bill designed to change this situation.

Bill about protection orders, high-risk calls for a ban on the possession, purchase, and even attempt to purchase firearms (i.e., rifles and semi-auto shotguns) people prone to violence towards others or themselves. Banning should act before the expiry of protection orders issued by the court.

The bill, introduced in January 2018 legislators from Brooklyn Brian Cavanau and Joe Ann Simon, 6 March were approved by the state Assembly, and after the February shooting in Parkland have received the support of the public, law enforcement agencies, including prosecutors all 5 boroughs of new York local Association of mental health and Governor Andrew Cuomo. However, the new York Senate rejected it, and for the second time. Votes of Democrats, unanimously voted for the bill, not enough to accept it.

However, the authors do not intend to give up.

«We offer the law of common sense that could save lives, but the majority in the Senate, it re-locks. They not just vote against millions of Americans, but also go against the will of law enforcement, who swore every day to protect new Yorkers.

Despite the setback, the number of our supporters is growing, and we’re standing as long as the bill will not become law,» — said in a joint statement, Kavanagh and Simon.

Rules prohibiting aggressive or mentally unstable people from owning guns already in effect in California, Connecticut, Indiana, Washington, Oregon, and Florida.