In Kansas want to punish schools that do not equip teachers

While in all States there are discussions about the need to arm school teachers in Kansas decided to approach this issue more drastically. The new bill provides for mandatory carrying of weapons by teachers of the state, but penalties for school administration for failure to comply with these rules.

According to the text of the Bill 2789, the lack of weapons teachers should be regarded as criminal negligence which could result in loss of life, and the responsibility should be on the management of the school.

In Kansas, teachers are allowed to carry weapons in 2013 provided that it has permission. But some schools have introduced a ban on the wearing of staff because of the refusal of insurance companies to issue policies for students.

The bill has many critics. One of the arguments against was the unwillingness to create for children the atmosphere of danger. Teacher at the local school Brett Parker wrote in his Twitterthat he has already collected over 5 thousand signatures against the law.

To date, nine States allow teachers to carry weapons on the territories of educational institutions.