In the state of new York convicted of domestic violence will be denied the license for the weapon

Andrew Cuomo, now occupying the post of Governor of the state, announced the adoption of the new law. According to him, persons convicted for domestic violence, will be required to surrender all the weaponsthey have at their disposal, and their licences, the state government void. Further convicted under this article will be allowed to use any kind of firearms.

Domestic abusers will no longer be able to possess guns in New York State.

Thanks to the advocacy of countless New Yorkers, this life-saving legislation is now a reality — and our state is safer for it.

— Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) April 3, 2018

According to human rights activists, such a step would significantly improve the situation related to the increase in the number of these crimes on the territory of the state of new York. In past years, experts noted a severe increase in domestic violence in this region of the USA. In the vast majority of cases of this offence are suffering women, and the state government has repeatedly introduced legislation to reduce the number of crimes of this kind.

«The recent wave of mass shootings is appalling, and the failure of the Federal government to act decisively against gain control over the proliferation of weapons of defies explanation,» said Cuomo in his statement last Saturday.

The Governor also expressed hope that «the reform of common sense will break the inextricable link between violence firearms and domestic violence». According to him, this law will make new York a «strong and safe«.

A group of attorneys representing the National coalition of opponents of domestic violence (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence), said that the presence in the home of a firearm increases the risk of committing the murder of his tenants by 500%. However, about 35% of women who were killed by the man who became victims of their intimate partners.

The initiative group and the state government in the future expect to see a significant decrease in the percentage of crimes using firearms. Besides, it should greatly reduce the number of crimes that fall under the category of «domestic violence«.