Team Muller was interrogated by Russian oligarchs in the investigation of interference

In the investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections, the team of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was questioned by Russian oligarchs who were in America.

According to a source familiar with the case when a Russian businessman (whose name was not released) landed on a private plane at the airport in new York, he was detained for the inspection of electronic devices. Another Russian oligarch was arrested during his recent trip to the US, although it is unknown whether it has searched. Investigators also sent a request to another oligarch, who is now outside the country.

«Prosecutors and investigators prefer the element of surprise, then you can get a more instinctive (and often truthful) answer,» said Daniel Goldman, a former Federal Prosecutor.

Anonymous sources say investigators are asking the same question all the oligarch, namely, whether they were engaged with the donations for the presidential campaign of Donald trump and his inauguration. Note that American law prohibits foreign funding of this kind.

Another source also added that investigators Muller asked a question about a handful of American citizens born in the former Soviet republics and maintain ties with these countries.

According to the Center for responsible politics, trump has attracted 333 million dollars on his campaign before the election. The monitoring team criticized the Committee staff of the future President because he did not disclose all the information on how the funds were expended.

At the beginning of last month, the newspaper The Washington Post reported that spectracolor Muller has evidence of attempts to create a communication channel trump with Russia.