A law requiring post at the post office a portrait of trump, will present at the Congress

In every branch of the U.S. Postal service should be placed pictures of the current President Donald trump and Vice-President Mike Pence, says member of house of representatives Dan Donovan. The bill, the Congressman in the near future intends to submit to Parliament.

The idea of this bill came to Donovan after the treatment of one of the residents of Staten Islandwho reported that at your local post office still hang the portraits of the previous US leader Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Dan Donovan is Staten island in Congress in 2015, since its predecessor, Republican Michael Grimm was sentenced for organizing a fraudulent scheme of tax evasion. By the way, Grimm previously worked in the FBI, is planning to run again in Congress.

Most Republicans supported the initiative Donovan, wanting to fight back Democrats seeking to win a place in the House of representatives. Sam Donovan believes that «ex-felon» will not be able to circumvent it in the upcoming elections.