The crime rate in new York city: less murder but more rape

In new York city increased the number of rapes against the General downward trend in crime. Thus, in the first quarter of 2018 was committed 21 413 thousand various crimes, and this is 4,1% less compared to the same period last year

During the press conference the representatives of the new York police Department (NYPD) announced that the improvement of the criminal situation in the city has occurred through the introduction of a tracking system CompStat crime. During the current year recorded fewer murders, robberies, assaults, burglaries and car thefts.

But the «fly in the ointment» in the General trend of reducing the number of crimes was rape: their number grew by 25%. According to police, in March in new York city recorded 35 incidents of rape.

The NYPD has already received a portion of criticism for the ineffective investigation of such crimes. In the report of municipal investigations Department (Department of Investigation — DOI), it was concluded that due to the shortage of staff Department for investigation of rape by the police Department of new York is unable to ensure the quality of consideration of applications of citizens.

Law enforcement officers told reporters that the relevant police Department has already taken steps in this direction and increased the staff by 20 people. There is also information that in the near future there will be a change of the head of division on struggle against sexual crimes.