A ban on the AR-15 rifle is not contrary to the Second amendment

U.S. district judge William young dismissed a lawsuit regarding the ban on the possession and carrying of assault weapons in Massachusetts. According to the decisions, assault rifles are military firearms and do not fall under the scope of the Second amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The attorney General of Massachusetts, Maura Healey supported the judge’s decision, saying that the ban is not the acquisition of assault rifles «will save lives, and we will not be afraid of their appearance on the streets and in the schools.»

The litigation revolved around rifles such as the AR-15, which have recently become too frequently used by terrorists for mass shootings in public places. Today this weapon is under the scrutiny of the authorities.

Judge young, in its decision held that «the AR-15 and its analogs are not weapons in the original meaning of the Second amendment to the Constitution giving the right to bear arms». In his opinion, this type of arms was originally developed for the army and not the civilian population.

The lawsuit against the ban the sale of assault rifles, rejected by the judge, was filed by a group of civil society activists. Their position, they argued the Second amendment to the Constitution granting the right to U.S. citizens to carry and store weapons.