Work visa in USA H-1B will not be issued until 2019 limit in 5 days

US companies, which employ highly qualified foreigners will not be able to expand the state until 2019. The fact is that the limit of applications for a work visa in the U.S. H-1B, which allows skilled workers to work temporarily in the United States, was exhausted within 5 days. Acceptance of applications began on 2 April, and today this process has been suspended.

Limiting the number of visas issued H-1B applies to every company in the United States. But, according to statistics, more than others suffer from technology startups in Silicon valley. That is where foreigners make up three quarters of the entire staff of registered companies.

Employers have already made a statement that this migration policy will have a negative impact on the development and implementation of innovations. They believe that in this way the state prevents the development of business and creation of new jobs. In the end, it all has a negative impact on the economy.

The President of the United States Donald trump is a different vision of the situation. Last year he issued a decree on the revision of the policy of issuing visas H-1B. In particular, it is suggested to abolish the right of holders of such visas to invite spouses to live together in the USA. Also the us President believes that a visa of this type must be issued «the most qualified employees.»

«Now H-1B visa are awarded in a completely random lottery, and that’s wrong,» said trump in April 2017.

Today the migration service, the United States uses an electronic program to randomly select 85 thousand recipients of H-1B visa per year. Visas of this type are issued for three years with possibility of extension.